Odin Norse God Oyle Blend


Odin is the Norse God and All-Father and goes by many names including Oh-dinn, Wodan and Wutan. He is God and Chief of war and death, a poet, magician, trickster and shapeshifter. Odin is the ruler of the Aesir and the King of Asgard and keeps court in the hall of Valhalla but chooses to wander far and wide seeking knowledge above all else, his attributes being wit, wile and wisdom, communing with spirits and the dead. He sacrificed his eye in Mimir’s well and then hung himself in Yggdrasil, the tree of life for nine days and nights in order to gain mystical knowledge and see everything that happens in the other worlds and to understand the Runes. Odin is the son of Borr and the Giantess (Jotunn) Bestla. His Rune is Ansuz, the Rune that represents the divine force in the universe and Odin’s mouth and magic that comes from clarity, communication and inspiration.

This oyle blend can be added to amulets, balefires, bath bags, incense and sachets to honour the Norse God, Odin as well as his Rune Ansuz. It can also be used as an anointing oyle. Contains pure organic/natural essential oils and carrier oils. 10ml.