Pennyroyal 20gm


(Mentha pulegium)  

Aka Dweorge-dwosle, Mosquito Plant, Pennyrile, Pudding Grass and Pulegium. A flowering plant of the Mint Family, Lamiaceae and native to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Pennyroyal is a pest repelling plant that also helps repel negativity in general. Also used as a herb of peace, strength and protection against the evil eye, it can be added to sachets, incense, charms and any spells requiring those energies. Place in the shoes to help protect the traveler from tiring and also to deter fleas should they come their way.

Cautions -Keep away from animals, children and should not be used by pregnant people as Pennyroyal is said to be an abortifacient and some class it as as a Bane herb, so let’s just keep that in mind! Many a Maiden succumbed to temptations relied on Pennyroyal so the stories go...