Purification Salts


These salts can be used for any Purification workings. For Purification baths and prior to any ritual, spellworking, magick or initiations where Purification is called for. Add one tablespoon of Salts to warm-hot bath water and bathe for as long as possible to allow the energies of the salts to be released into the bath and into your auric bodies to help purify on all levels and to help cleanse the aura of clutter. For Physical areas such as the home, rooms, offices - sprinkle Salts around the area to be purified, then vacuum or sweep away after 3 hours. Discard debris into the earth outside.

Outdoors - Sprinkle in a sun-wise fashion starting in the East and finishing in the same direction. Remember a small amount of salt is just as effective as a large dose. Do not sprinkle Salts directly onto tools or fabrics as the salt can damage them. Shake salts well before use to awaken their energies and store in a dry area. For external use only. Made with full strength salts, herbs, blessings and the Witches Rede.

180gm pack approx.