Rose Quartz Crystal Mushroom


Harness the power of crystal healing with this Magical Crystal Mushroom crafted from polished Rose Quartz.

This popular stone promotes self-love, confidence and compassion by fostering a sense of peace and harmony in the mind, body and soul. Rose Quartz helps to attune to energies of unconditional love and peace. It calms and reassures, bringing inner healing and removing unnecessary fear and upsets. Opens the Heart Chakra and helps to teach one the true essence of love. Emotionally Rose Quartz helps to remove unexpressed emotions and heartache that we do not need and helps to soothe and strengthen our heart area.

The mushroom symbolises healing, luck, mystery, new beginnings and magick of the Fae and Nature Spirits.

Approx 3.5cm high x 2cm at widest cap. Come with a black velvet-style drawstring bag and small card notes.  Crystal mushroom may differ slightly from picture but is still just as powerful and beautiful.