Rue 20gm


(Ruta graveolens)

Aka Common Rue, Herb-of-Grace, Herbygrass, Ruda, Rue des Jardins, Raute, Raute Herba.

A hardy evergreen shrub, that the bitterness of the leaves led Rue to being associated as a herb of regret.

Rue is also used in healing, love and cleansing spells and magic. Believed to be the herb that guards against the ‘evil eye,’ and a herb that is believed to keep Witches away as well as an excellent protection against plague and pestilence. Branches of Rue were dipped into Holy water and sprinkled over the heads of parishioners as a blessing and gave it the name as a Herb of grace. Rue can be carried in sachets or worn within the clothing. Organic 20gm.