Samhain Halloween Candles Mini Pack 5


These candles can be used during your Samhain/Halloween Rituals, divination work, spell casting and magick.

Black - Symbolic of the night, death and rebirth, the Crone, nocturnal energies, shadows, black cats, bats and ravens, mysteries, supernatural energies and the unknown.

Dark Green - Green is the colour of healing, nature and Winter. As we are on the threshold of this season, it is a perfect colour to honour this time. For a little Halloween fun it is the colour of the swampy depths, ghouls and tricky goblins that lie within us all. Light the dark green candle to keep them at bay.

Orange - Symbolic of energy, life-force, light, warmth, creativity, jack-o’-lanterns and the changing Earth as she moves from Autumn to Winter.

Purple - The colour of Spirituality and spirit contact. Also enhances divination and past life work.

White -Colour of the light and ghosts that are said to roam the earthly plane. Also can help connect us to the Spirit world, other realms and our ancestors.

Set of five mini candles, 110 x 12mm.