Sea Wytch Charm Cord


This cord can be used in all spells and rituals to honour the seas, oceans, lakes, the Element of Water and all water magick. Made from various threads and cords, each Sea Wytch’s cord is unique as no two are alike. The Pentacle is the symbol of the Witch, protection, the sacred circle and the elements, the scallop shell comes from a world where ocean meets land as they are washed upon the shores. It is a symbol of love, movement and travel and holds the energy of the Moon Goddess within. Starfish due to its ‘star’ shape represents the five elements and is a totem of cosmic knowledge, constellations and the stars. The Dolphin represents balance, harmony, protection and playfulness.

The cord is approximately 4 foot 6 inches in length from knot to knot, it is the ideal length for most waist tied robes, and is used to measure out the radius of the traditional nine foot diameter Magickal Circle.

Please note - your cord threads may differ slightly from picture.