Seasonal Witch Online Course



Join us as we follow the Seasonal wheel of the Witch, a journey rich in history, lore and magick. An ever changing aspect of birth, life, death and rebirth.

The Witches Wheel or Seasonal cycle is divided into four seasons and eight points. The seasons as we know are Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Within this seasonal cycle are the eight points that are celebrated and also known as the eight Sabbats of the Witch. 

Each course will include:
Apothecary Formulae and Herbs
Food and Recipes
A little History
Seasonal & Sabbat Activities
Circle Casting
Altar set-up
Corresponding symbols and more…

Each Sabbat course will be sent prior to each actual Sabbat. This will give you time to use your knowledge in creating your own Sabbat celebrations for when the time actually arrives. The set-up of these courses allows you to follow and attune with nature as she changes her cycle.

Although traditionally the Witch started her year with Samhain, this course is designed for the student to start at the time that is right for you. Once enrolled, you will be sent the Sabbat work that corresponds to what is happening in the part of the world in which you live. This makes it ideal for those who wish to study but are in the other hemispheres. While in New Zealand we may be having our Midwinter studies, they will receive their Midsummer studies. If you choose to start in April, you will get the Samhain work, start in September, the Spring Equinox work and so on. The student gets to study the festivals and seasons as they happen in their own hemisphere.



Cost - $390.00

Duration - a seasonal turn of the wheel.

At the completion of the eight courses you will receive an assessment of your studies with us and a Certificate that states you have studied the Seasonal Witch as set out by the Wycksted School of Witchery.©