Skadi Nordic Herb Pack


Skadi is a Jotunn and the Norse Goddess of bow hunting, and rules over the mountains, wilderness, skiing and wintertime. She was once married to the Sea God, Njord but he could not stand the cold of the mountains and she could not stand the light and noise of the seashore so they parted ways. Skadi lives high in the mountains where the snow never melts and chooses to live how she wants and not be told by the Gods of Asgard. Her symbols are also snowshoes and wolves, her other energies are knowledge, passionate in her pursuits particularly for justice, and is associated with darkness and death. This herbal blend can be added to amulets, balefires, bath bags, incense and sachets to honour the Norse Jotunn and Goddess, Skadi. 

Contains organic and wildcrafted herbs, 20gm pack.