Spring Witches Charm Cord


This cord can be used in all celebrations, rituals and spellwork during your Spring rites and festivities including the Spring Equinox. Made from various threads and cords, each Spring cord is unique as no two are alike. The colours represent new birth, fertility, love, nature and abundance. The charms include the Pentacle which is the symbol of the Witch, protection, the sacred circle and the elements and the Flower symbolizes nature. The Hare holding the egg is for fertility, new birth/life and the Hare of the Goddess Ostara and the Eagle is an ancient symbol of Air which is the Element of this season. 

The cord is approximately 4 foot 6 inches in length from knot to knot, it is the ideal length for most waist tied robes, and is used to measure out the radius of the traditional nine foot diameter Magickal Circle.

Please note - the Hare charm may differ from picture.