The Bone Hag Oyle Blend


 The Bone Hag is the darkness that embraces the end of life and the start of new. She walks the many realms and is in the bones of the land, our ancestors and helps connect one to the shadows of the Otherworld’s. She carries the grief and death-hurt of others and helps guide those who are ready to move these emotions from their physical being.


Anoint candles and other objects for your rituals to honour the Bone Hag including working with the energies of the Crone, Grandfather Sage, passing rites, to help one release and let go of unnecessary burdens, grief, hurts and traumas that are keeping you from moving forward in your life.


Add to amulets, baths, herbs and smudge blends. Can also be used to anoint thyself as in the wrists and third eye to help connect to the energies of the Bone Hag. 10ml.