Vervain 20gm


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(Verbena officinalis)  

Aka Brittanica, Enchanters Herb, Ferfaen, Herb of Grace, Juno’s Tears, Pigeon Weed, Verbena and Verveine.

A herbaceous flowering plant that is native to Europe. The name Vervain is derived from the Celtic ‘Ferfaen’ meaning ‘Fer’ to drive away and ‘Faen’ a stone as the plant was used much used for afflictions of the bladder.

Vervain can be worn, carried and added to amulets and sachets to help ward off evil, negative spirits and energies. Said to ward off witches and the evil eye when placed in the home! It has been used by Soldiers for protection and to help outwit their enemies. The herb can also be added to love, prosperity and purification spells and magick. Use as an incense to clear your altar and ritual items of old energies. 20gm organic.