White Howlite Owl WHO1


The Owl connects us to innate wisdom and intuitive knowledge should we of course be open to this and willing to see and listen. With Owl as your animal totem you may have the ability to see what others do not, to seek that which is hidden beyond the veil of illusion and deceit. Owl also offers inspiration, keen observation and guidance when needed in the mysteries and magick of life and the unknown realms.

White Howlite is sometimes known as Sacred Buffalo, White Buffalo and White Turquoise. The stone of memory, focus and knowledge, it removes distracting thoughts and helps one retain their dreams so ideal when doing vision and dream work or meditation. A powerful calming stone that works on the Crown Chakra and soothes emotions and stresses while giving the strength to let go of anger, unhealthy attachments and negative emotions.

White Howlite hand carved Owl stands approx. 3.8cm high.