Wild Cherry Bark 20gm


 (Prunus serotina)

Aka Black Cherry, Mountain Black Cherry and Rum Cherry.  A deciduous tree of the prunus genus and commonly found in North and South America, with the bark and fruit used to make medicines.

A tree rich in its associations with emotions, heart energies, love and romance. In American Folklore and Hoodoo it is frequently used in love-drawing mojo bags, helping love last and fostering romance and enticing someone, take care here as to what you entice! It is also a tree of great extremes and can help teach one the fragility of life, and that nature can be both healing and destructive. Organic herb 20gm. 

Caution – Not to be confused with Prunus avium, the sweet cherry. Prunus serotina should not be ingested, keep away if pregnant. The foliage, pits and twigs are said to be toxic to livestock and animals.