Witch Hazel 20gm


(Hammamelis virginica)

Aka Hammamelis, Hazels Tree, Snapping Hazelnut, Spotted Elder, Virginian Witchhazel and Winterbloom.

Native to the USA and used by the Native American Indians for all manner of ailments.

The plants name comes from the word “Wych” or “Wyche” meaning to bend, to be flexible and the Hazel is due to the plants similarity of the common Hazelnut. Witch Hazel is a said to enhance Occult powers including divination magick, spells and crafting.

Carry a sachet of Witch Hazel to help mend a broken heart as well as keeping evil away. The sticks have been used for centuries in water dowsing and divining “Water-witching” so gives it a connection to the water Element and Underworld. Organic 20gm.