Witches Sachet


A blend of our favourite herbs to help add a touch of Witchiness and magick to your life, positive energies of course! Along with a flourish of happiness, grounding and strength. A pentacle charm has also been added as a symbol of the Witch, protection, the sacred circle and the elements.

The sachet can be carried or placed in the home, on the altar or in the cast circle, at the workplace or hung over the threshold, entirely up to you. When you feel the sachet is no longer needed it can be burnt in the balefire or buried into the ground. 

Our sachets are made to order, they have been hand sewn from natural material and can be re-opened for use and have a Pentacle charm sewn on the outside. They contain various organic/wild crafted herbs and resins and a small crystal for general Witchy blessings and protection.