Wormwood 20gm


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Artemisia absinthium. Aka Absinthium, Artemisia, Bitter Wormwood, Common Wormwood, Old Woman and Worm Plant.

From the Artemis Family of plants, Wormwood is said to be named for the Greek Goddess of the Hunt, Artemis. A Bitter and Aromatic herb that was used in the infamous Absinthe and in farmhouse brewing in Denmark. In the Middle Ages it was used to spice Mead and as a Medieval cure for intestinal worms, thus the name, Wormwood.

A potent herb with strong connections to the Spirit world. When burnt, Wormwood helps to enhance psychic powers, divination and in the summoning of spirits, careful what you summon! Helps dispel negativity in general and said to be used in rites with those who are passing to help ease their transition and enable them to let go. Add to love sachets and sachets. Organic 20gm.