Yule Witches Charm Cord


This cord can be used in all circle casts, spells and rituals throughout the Winter season and of course at Yule aka the Winter Solstice. The colour red represents the life force and female principle, white is for the snow, light and male principle, green symbolises life, nature and balance while gold is the sun, strength and prosperity.

Made from various threads and cords, each Yule cord is unique as no two are alike and includes charms and a bell. The Pentacle is the symbol of the Witch, protection, the sacred circle and the elements, the Pine Cone charm is a symbol of the evergreen tree, fertility, healing, longevity, love and strength. It is also a symbol of Frey, the Norse God of the sun. The snowflake is the divine and unique beauty in winter and nature. The bell is said to protect and ring in freedom, success, an end of the old year and beginning of the new. 

The cord is approximately 4 foot 6 inches in length from knot to knot, it is the ideal length for most waist tied robes, and is used to measure out the radius of the traditional nine foot diameter Magickal Circle.